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Body Tricks

Disability Studies Community Blog Written by Maria Susan Guarino “I saw that my body had all sorts of little tricks, such as making my hands go limp…

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Mask Mayhem

Disability Studies Community Blog Written by Alyssa Carbutti  The mask mandate in classrooms was lifted on Monday, April 4th, here at UConn. I have a lot of mixed feelings regarding masks being optional. Of course I want things to go back to normal but I don’t even know what “normal” is anymore.  Of course I…

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Interning On DSQ Time: One last time.

Disability Studies Community Blog Written by Jess Gallagher  “I can confidently say that I’ve learned greatly from these internship responsibilities. As I look towards the future, I see, well, a future with DSQ! … I couldn’t possibly imagine leaving when there are so many exciting opportunities ahead!  –Jessica Gallagher, “Disability Studies, in Time” Vol. 41 No.…

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